10 Best Places To Order Checks Online

By Zach Buchenau

Last Updated: March 24, 2021

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Where to order checks online | Be The Budget

Many people don’t realize that there are lots of great places to order checks online.

Most of us have been taught to simply go to our bank or credit union to order any checks that we need. However, there are many websites that offer a wide variety of designs, colors, and check options.

In fact, for the rest of this guide, I’m going to cover 10 of the best places to order checks online.

1. Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited is a popular choice to buy checks online. This company services over 50 million customers providing personal checks, business checks, and other accessories such as address labels and checkbook covers.

If you are a new customer, Checks Unlimited offers great introductory rates. Plus, if you are looking to purchase a lot of checks at once, you can also get discounts on bulk orders.

The checks come in lots of different designs including popular brands like Disney, Warner Bros., and MLB (Major League Baseball). You can also customize your checks with custom fonts, meaningful symbols, and inspirational quotes. The checks also come with a two-dimensional holographic foil that can’t be reproduced, copied, or removed for added security.

For an additional fee, you can further secure your checks with the EZ Shield Check Fraud Protection Program. This program covers you for qualified losses up to $25,000 in the event your checks are used fraudulently.

Click here to order checks from Checks Unlimited

2. Checks In The Mail

Checks in the Mail has a wide variety of designs at an affordable price. Choose from standard design options or splurge on a premium design from brands such as Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars.

If you are looking for better security, you can select one of the high-security personal checks that feature fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, holograms, and watermarks.

In addition to personal checks, Checks in the Mail also offers business items such as manual and computer checks, deposit supplies, and IRS-approved tax forms. 

Also, you can order checks with protection from Fraud Armor Fraud Service for an additional fee. This service covers you for up to $25,000 in fund reimbursement within 72 hours of reporting legitimate fraud. This also provides notifications of potential fraud with monitoring of your personal information online to look out for driver’s license and credit card fraud.

Click here to order checks from Checks In The Mail

Carousel Checks is an affordable option for purchasing checks and offers free shipping. Not only does the site offer lots of design choices, but they also have a wide selection of orientations including top stub, end stub, side tear, deskset, and secretary desktop.

In addition to personal checks, they offer other business items including manual and laser printed checks, deposit tickets, and deposit bags.

Carousel Checks also provides training checkbooks in an education kit. These kits are available to teachers and educational institutions to use as a training tool when teaching personal money management. The kit comes with a mock checkbook, transaction register, and checkbook cover. The kits can be purchased in bulk.

To get the best price, you can click on the special offers link at the bottom of the homepage to see the latest coupon codes and discounts.

Click here to order checks from Carousel Checks

4. Walmart Checks

Most people know Walmart as the superstore where you can find just about anything at an affordable price. But did you know that you can also purchase checks through Walmart Checks.

The main benefit is that Walmart is a reputable business that you already trust.

It should come with no surprise that Walmart offers thousands of check designs to choose from including iconic brands and organizations such as Disney, Star Wars, and ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

In addition to personal check needs, Walmart Checks is also a great place to get business checks and supplies such as manual or computer checks, deposit supplies, envelopes, and ink stamps.

Walmart Checks also offers CheckSafe to help protect you from forged signatures, forged endorsements, and altered checks. The service covers you for up to 12 months from purchase or until you use your last check, whichever comes first. All you have to do is file your claim and a check fraud specialist will work with you, your financial institution, and the merchant who accepted the check to resolve any issues.

Click here to order checks from Walmart Checks

10 best places to order checks online | Be The Budget

5. Sam’s Club Checks

Sam’s Club is the wholesale warehouse subsidiary of Walmart also offers checks on their website. There are hundreds of popular designs to choose from including Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and the Justice League. You can even customize your checks with a personal photo of a pet or your family.

If you are a new business owner, Sam’s Club Checks offers bundle packages for businesses that include everything a new business needs to get started including checks, deposit slips, stamps, a binder, and a bill organizer for a low price.

Customers can add Fraud Armor to any purchase which protects against losses up to $25,000 in fraud. They also offer a more affordable Fraud Armor Lite that provides the same coverage up to only $2,500 worth of fraud. The Fraud Armor Lite is a great, affordable option since most people don’t write large checks regularly.

Click here to order checks from Sam’s Club Checks

6. Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is an online shop that carries customizable gifts, jewelry, artwork, and home decor. They also offer personal checks and stationery, and boast a 70% savings over checks purchased through your bank.

Checks from Bradford Exchange come in a wide range of designs including those that support your favorite charity or non-profit organization. You can also modify your checks with a custom font, monogram, special symbol, or customizable line of text above your signature line.

EZ Shield is available for purchase to help protect you up to $25,000 against forged signatures, forged endorsements, and altered checks. You can also get EZShield Pro which adds identity restoration protection which is good for two years from the date of purchase of your checks.

Click here to order checks from Bradford Exchange

7. Checks Superstore

Checks Superstore offers lots of affordable options for check orders. Their checks come in three pricing levels – designer, inexpensive, and discount. So, no matter your budget, there is an option for everyone on their site.

Checks Superstore has a wide range of check designs from popular brands like Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars.

The site also has a variety of great business items such as high-security, manual, and printable checks.

If you are looking for additional peace of mind, Checks Superstore offers Fraud Armor to help protect your checks and bank account from unauthorized use.

Click here to order checks from Checks Superstore

8. Costco Checks

Costco seems to sell everything from bulk grocery items to vacations to gym memberships. It’s no surprise that they also sell checks through Costco Checks. Costco offers their checks through Harland Clarke Check Printing.

One of the best parts of ordering from Costco is their famous discounted pricing. Of course, this is a downside if you do not have a Costco membership. Their website boasts pricing that is 50 percent lower than the cost of checks from a traditional bank. Executive Members pricing gives an additional 20 percent off than the standard Gold Member pricing.

Free shipping is also offered to all Costco members. 

Costco Checks offers a lot of options for personal checks including basic, premium designs, and high-security checks that feature heat-reactive ink, fluorescent fibers, holograms, and watermarks. They also have plenty of business products including manual and printable checks, deposit supplies, and federal tax forms.

Click here to order checks from Costco Checks

9. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is known for its customizable products such as business cards, stationery, personalized gifts, and other printable items. They also sell a selection of personal and business checks including three-to-a-page and printable options.

If you have ever used Vistaprint before, you know that they have interactive tools to create customized products.

Their check design tool is similar.

You just pick your base check and add your own personalized design elements.

This adds a nice touch as you are able to see what your finished product will look like before confirming your order.

Vistaprint also has a great replacement policy. Most other sites don’t allow returns or charge a fee to replace the product. Vistaprint will replace any order for any reason at no additional cost.

Click here to order checks from Vistaprint

10. Checks.com

Checks.com has a massive selection of designs that come in three pricing levels — Choice, Traditional, and Value — providing an affordable option for any buyer. They offer free shipping and have inexpensive options for expedited shipping if you need your order faster.

Checks.com also has an extensive selection of checkbook covers and address labels. 

One thing to note is that the site does not have business checks or other business-related items. So, you may need to select another site if you are looking for a one-stop-shop.

Checks.com offers EZ Shield Fraud Protection to cover you for up to $25,000 in losses from forged signatures, forged endorsements, and altered checks for a fee. This service is good for two years or until you use the last check, whichever comes first. You can also purchase EZ Shield ID Restoration Pro which provides additional protection including a secure encrypted digital vault for saving sensitive files, breach and fraud alerts, and gives you access to an expert to help you resolve any issues. 

Click here to order checks from Checks.com

Placing Your Online Check Order

Placing an order for checks online is simple and just requires a few pieces of information. You’ll need your basic personal information such as name, address, and any other information that you would like printed on your check. You will also need the information for your financial institution such as account number, routing number, and starting check number.

Your check number is what you use for tracking purposes. For instance, if the last check you have is numbered 1234, you might decide to start your next series of checks with 1235.

To find your banking information you can reference your current checks. The account and routing number are printed along the bottom. If you have never ordered checks before, your bank probably provided this information when you opened your account.

Check your banking documents or speak to someone at your bank to get this information.

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Bottom Line

If you’ve only ever ordered checks through your bank or financial institution, you might want to consider ordering your next batch of checks online. Not only will you have more options, but you might just get a better deal.

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