Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? Our 2-Year Review

By Zach Buchenau

Last Updated: September 9, 2022

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I’ve been a Grammarly Premium subscriber for two years. And in that time, I’ve used my subscription to proofread and plagiarism-check hundreds of articles on a variety of topics. With that in mind, let’s address the question that likely led you here in the first place: is Grammarly Premium worth the money?

Yes, whether you’re a writer, business owner, employee, or student, Grammarly Premium is worth the money. Not only can it help your spelling, grammar, word choice, and tone, but the Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism detection feature can help ensure your text is 100% original.

Without a doubt, Grammarly Premium has saved me time, money, and headache by catching errors that I would have otherwise missed.

It’s simply the best grammar checker, spell checker, plagiarism checker, and overall writing tool available today. It’s not even close.

In this post, I’m going to share why I consider Grammarly Premium such an essential tool and why you should consider using it as well.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you write better, clearer, and more error-free text. It’s like having your own personal editor sitting next to you. Whether you need help reworking a sentence, or just spotting spelling mistakes while you write, Grammarly has you covered.

And here’s the best part, it works seamlessly with most of the apps you likely use on a daily basis.

For instance, you can use Grammarly to edit the content you write in Google Docs, Word, Gmail, WordPress, Apple Mail, Outlook, Slack, Social Media, and so much more.

To sweeten the pot, Grammarly is more than just a spell checker and grammar corrector–it’s also a plagiarism checker. As both a business owner and blogger, this feature alone is worth the price of admission for me.

In a world where content is king, it’s more important than ever to ensure the text you’re putting out there is original and error-free.

That’s where Grammarly Premium really shines.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Money? Our 2-year review | Be The Budget

What Can Grammarly Premium Do?

If you sign up for the free version of Grammarly, you can still get a lot of use out of the tool. Whether you’re a blogger who writes all of your own content, or a business owner that just needs help writing better emails, the free version might be enough for you.

However, if you’re a more serious writer, or a business owner who wants to put your best foot forward, you should really consider upgrading to Grammarly Premium.

With Grammarly premium, you’ll get access to several powerful features that will help you take your writing to the next level, including:

  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Tone recommendations and adjustments
  • Word choice recommendations
  • Formality assessment
  • Fluency detection
  • Spelling and punctuation inconsistencies
  • Plagiarism detection (the most important feature of all)
Grammarly spell-checking example

If you’re not a professional writer, you might be thinking that some of these features don’t sound all that important. But trust me, once you start using Grammarly, you’ll be amazed at how much they can help you improve your written communication skills.

For instance, the clarity-focused sentence rewrites can help you take a complicated or hard-to-read sentence and make it simpler and easier to understand. This can be a game-changer when writing everything from blog posts to emails you send to customers.

Similarly, the formality recommendations can help ensure that your writing always suits the situation. This is an essential tool for business owners, as it can help you avoid being too informal in your written correspondence.

And, of course, the plagiarism detector is an absolute must in today’s business world. With Grammarly premium, you can check your text against over 16 billion web pages to make sure that what you’re writing is completely original.

That’s right, 16 billion…with a B!

I truly believe this is an essential feature for business owners, as it can help you avoid any potential legal issues down the road.

Think of it this way: an annual subscription to Grammarly premium costs less than most lawyers charge for a single hour of their time.

Talk about a no-brainer!

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Grammarly Premium offers 3 subscription plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual. While all 3 plans offer the same features, the longer you commit, the better “per-month” deal you get. At the time of writing this, the plans cost as follows:

  • Monthly plan: $30/month
  • Quarterly plan: $60/quarter (equals out to $20/month)
  • Annual plan: $144/year (equals out to $12/month)
Grammarly pricing plans

Since Grammarly Premium is such a critical tool for our business, I’m on the annual plan. At the equivalent of $12 per month, there’s just no tool that provides my business with that level of value.

However, if you want to dip your toe in before committing to a full year, I recommend starting with a monthly plan. You can always upgrade your plan to quarterly or annual.

When To Use Grammarly

You can use Grammarly to improve your written communication in many different situations.

Here are just a few ideas:

Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger, Grammarly can help you take your writing to the next level and ensure that your posts are error-free.

Social Media

Whether you’re writing an Instagram description or running some Facebook Ads, Grammarly can help you sound more professional and polished.

It’s great for catching those pesky typos and communicating effectively with your audience.


When you’re constantly sending emails with typos and grammar mistakes, it can leave your customers questioning your attention to detail.

Whether you’re sending important emails for work or your business, Grammarly can help you make sure they’re mistake-free.

Customer Service

Excellent written communication skills are essential for providing excellent customer service. Grammarly can help you sound more professional and communicate more clearly.


If you’re in the business of writing copy for sales pages, landing pages, paid ads, or marketing emails, Grammarly can help you take your messaging to the next level.

Not only is it your first line of defense against spelling mistakes and punctuation errors, but it will also help you improve the clarity and overall quality of your writing.

Lead Magnets & Downloads

If you’re offering free downloads or lead magnets on your website, you want to ensure they’re error-free.

Whether it’s an eBook, quick-reference guide, checklist, or cheatsheet, Grammarly Premium can help you create high-quality, mistake-free content that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.


If you’re an author, Grammarly can help you edit and proofread your book to make sure it’s free of typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. Whenever I find a spelling mistake in a book I’m reading, my first thought is, “I wonder if they ran this thing through Grammarly?”

How To Use Grammarly In Your Workflow

One of Grammarly’s biggest selling points is the wide range of ways you can use it to improve your written communication.

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate Grammarly into your workflow:

#1: Install the Grammarly Browser Extension

One of the most effective ways to use Grammarly is to install the browser extension. Once you’ve installed the extension, it will automatically check your writing for misspellings, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

It’s a great way to catch small writing mistakes that normally slip through the cracks.

I use the browser extension for almost everything I do online. Whether editing a blog post in WordPress, writing an email, or filling out a form, the Grammarly extension is there to help me catch any mistakes I make.

#2 –

If you want to utilize Grammarly’s more advanced features, or you’re working on something that doesn’t work with the browser extension, just head to

Within your dashboard, you can compose text within the Grammarly editor, copy and paste text you’ve already written, or upload a text document you’ve already completed. This is also where you can access and run your content through the Grammarly plagiarism detector–which is one of my favorite features.

#3 – Microsoft Word & Google Docs (Beta)

If you’re writing a longer document, such as an eBook, blog post, or research paper, you can use Grammarly within Microsoft Word.

To do this, search the Add-ins library within Microsoft Word for Grammarly. After you download the add-in, you can harness the power of Grammarly directly within Word.

For those who prefer to use Google Docs, Grammarly also offers a beta version that you can try.

#4 – Email & Messaging Apps

Grammarly also works in email services like Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. Just compose your message as you normally would, and Grammarly will automatically check it for mistakes.

You can also use Grammarly within popular messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger. This is a great way to ensure your messages are clear, concise, and free of typos or grammatical errors.

#5 – Social Media

Want to make sure your social media posts are error-free, concise, and engaging? Whether you’re sharing some industry insights on LinkedIn, writing a post on Facebook, or posting your thoughts on Twitter, Grammarly has your back.

Benefits Of Grammarly Premium

If you still aren’t sure if Grammarly Premium is worth the price, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with the upgraded version.

Plagiarism Detection

I know I keep harping on this, but the plagiarism checker, in and of itself, is worth the cost of a Grammarly Premium subscription.

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, salesperson, content marketing professional, student, or anyone using written text to communicate, you need to ensure your content is original.

With Grammarly premium, you can rest assured knowing that your text will be checked against over 16 billion web pages for plagiarism.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have paid for hundreds of freelance articles over the last couple of years. While 99% of the content I’ve received has been completely original, Grammarly Premium, on 2 separate occasions, has saved me from publishing content wrought with plagiarism. Not only did this prevent me from any legal trouble, but it also helped me avoid working with slimy, untrustworthy freelancers that were willing to put my business at risk.

I was extremely angry at the freelancers and also extremely grateful for my Grammarly Premium subscription.

Seriously, I can’t tout this feature enough.

Word Choice Recommendations

One of the handiest features that come with Grammarly premium is the word choice recommendations.

Whenever you type out a sentence, Grammarly will scan your text and recommend different words that might be more appropriate for the situation.

For example, I tend to overuse adjectives like “important.” Grammarly has not only made me aware of this tendency but also recommends alternative words like “vital,” “crucial,” or “essential” instead.

While this might seem like a small change, it can significantly affect how your audience receives your text. After all, using more specific and interesting language is one of the best ways to stand out as a writer and communicator.

Formality Recommendations

Another great feature of Grammarly premium is the formality recommendations.

Grammarly will scan your text and let you know if the level of formality in your writing is appropriate for the situation. For example, if you’re writing an email to a potential client, Grammarly will recommend using formal language to ensure that you communicate in the most professional manner.

On the other hand, if you’re sending a message to a friend, Grammarly will let you know if your language is too formal and suggests using more informal language instead.

This is an extremely handy feature, as it can help you ensure that you’re always using the appropriate level of formality in your written correspondence.

Clarity-Improving Rewrite Recommendations

Grammarly premium also provides rewrite recommendations that can help you improve the clarity of your writing.

For example, if you write a confusing or unclear sentence, Grammarly will suggest ways to reword it to make it easier to understand.

This is an extremely useful feature, as it can help you convey your thinking more clearly and effectively.

In addition to the clarity-improving rewrite recommendations, Grammarly premium also provides conciseness-improving recommendations.

If you write a sentence that is too long or wordy, Grammarly will suggest ways to make it more concise and digestible.

Faster Editing

The benefits of Grammarly Pro go way beyond the product features. One of the biggest advantages of Grammarly premium is that it makes editing your writing much faster and easier.

For example, let’s say you’re editing a blog post and want to check for grammar mistakes. With Grammarly premium, you can simply work your way through the editing suggestions and be on your way.

Speaking from personal experience, Grammarly has cut my editing time to less than half of what it used to be. How, exactly, is that possible?

  1. Thanks to all the grammar and punctuation rules I’ve learned while using Grammarly, I make far fewer mistakes than I used to.
  2. I can speed through the editing phase using Grammarly’s suggestions.

It’s the perfect one-two punch.

Increased Creativity

I tend to edit while I write.

I worry that if I don’t get the phrasing right or the grammar correct before moving on to the next sentence, I’ll forget to come back and fix it.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that this habit takes a massive toll on my creativity. I spend so much time trying to get the grammar right that my creativity stops flowing. And when my creativity gets jammed, writing becomes a difficult and unpleasant form of work for me.

With Grammarly, I feel more comfortable letting the words flow onto the page. Since I know I won’t miss a mistake when I work back through the Grammarly suggestions, I can leave all the editing to the end of my writing process and let my creative juices flow.

This, in turn, speeds up my writing process even more and helps me crank out more content in significantly less time than I used to.

Is grammarly premium worth the money? Our 2-year review

Is Grammarly Premium Good For Bloggers?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is one of the most beneficial and time-saving tools for bloggers. Not only does it speed up the editing process and help you craft highly-polished content, but it can also help you identify and eliminate plagiarism in the text you publish.

As a blogger, you can’t get away with crap content. Gone are the days when you could publish a 300-word post stuffed with keywords and shoot up to the top of search engines in a matter of a few weeks.

These days, if you want to succeed as a blogger, you need to publish high-value, well-researched, highly-polished, long-form content that solves a specific problem. It’s a daunting task.

With Grammarly Premium, you can reduce the burden of proofreading from your blogging process and focus more of your energy on creativity and providing value to your readers.

Is Grammarly Premium Good For Authors?

Grammarly Premium is an excellent tool for authors who want to take their writing to the next level. Whether you’re writing a book or any type of long-form content, Grammarly can help you identify and correct errors in your text so that your final product is as polished and professional as possible.

While I have never written a full-length book, I have used Grammarly to help me edit tons of long-form pieces–a few of which were nearly 10,000 words. 

I can confidently say that all that writing would have been much more difficult to complete without the help of my Grammarly Premium subscription.

Is Grammarly Premium Good For Students?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is one of the best writing tools for students. From journalism students working on an in-depth research project to ESL students that want to check their grammar in a school essay, Grammarly is the perfect tool.

Speaking from personal experience, Grammarly will not only help you proofread and polish your written content, but it will also help you become a more accurate and well-versed writer.

Seriously, I wish I had had Grammarly in high school and college. 

Oh, how much easier those essays would have been, and how much better of a writer I would have become.

Is Grammarly Good For Creative Writing?

Yes! While Grammarly can’t directly improve your creativity, it can make your writing and proofreading process much more enjoyable. And when you enjoy writing, it’s easier to sit at your computer, turn your imagination loose, and start typing.

In other words, when you’re not bogged down by proofreading and editing, you can focus more of your energy on the creative aspects of writing.

Grammarly can help free up your time and mental energy so that you can create your best work.

Bottom Line: Grammarly Premium Is Worth Every Penny

Of all the tools I recommend, Grammarly sits at the very top of the list! If you’re serious about writing better, clearer, and more error-free text, Grammarly premium is an absolute must. I have yet to discover a tool on the market that can match its feature set or price.

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, novelist, journalist, student, employee, or creative writer, Grammarly is packed with features that will help you improve your writing, save time, avoid mistakes, and ensure that your text is original.

Ready to take your writing to the next level? Click here to get started with Grammarly.

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