15 Ways To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

By Zach Buchenau

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

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For many intrepid explorers, making money as a travel blogger is the ultimate dream. 

Just imagine getting paid for publishing content about the places that you’re exploring. You can pitch up at a beachside coffee shop in Bali, log into the WIFI, and produce content while watching the world go by. 

Is there a better way to make a living than this? Maybe. But travel blogging is undoubtedly an excellent way to make money while doing something you’re passionate about. 

And the great news is, there are many ways you can make money as a travel blogger. And we’re going to introduce you to fifteen of the most tried and trusted ways in this post. 

When we’re done, all that’s left is for you to set up your blog and decide where to travel to next. The world is very much your oyster when you’re a successful travel blogger!

1. Freelancing

The gig economy is an excellent place to start out as a travel blogger.

You can set up a profile on sites like Fiverr and Upwork and market your writing services to companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for content creators. 

Even better, if you know that you want to write exclusively about travel, publishing a gig that offers your services as a travel blogger will get you the work that you’re looking for. 

As there are so many writers and content creators on freelancing sites, it’s good to focus on a specific niche. And because you decide upon your own rates and have full control over the projects you take on, freelancing is an excellent way to initially make money as a travel blogger.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Any blogger will tell you that affiliate marketing is the holy grail of money-making opportunities.

If you get it right, you can earn money while you sleep!



If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing, it’s basically the practice of driving traffic to an external site. When visitors land on the pages you’ve directed them to and make a purchase, you will earn a commission on a sale.

So, if your blog is attracting a decent amount of traffic, affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative.

And because it’s organic, you simply sit back and watch the money roll in!

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing on your blog, we recommend the following networks: 

3. Display Ads

Similarly to affiliate marketing, if your blog is attracting a decent amount of traffic, marketers will pay you to display ads on your site. How does this work? 

Well, in the beginning, you can start by installing Google AdSense on your site. It’s an advertising network run by Google, and it’s a free way for websites and blogs like yours to earn income by displaying targeted Google ads on your site.

Starting with AdSense means you don’t have to deal with marketers directly, as everything is handled by Google. When you start bringing decent traffic to your site, you can earn good money by displaying targeted ads.

That said, Google AdSense doesn’t pay very well. In fact, when you’re just starting out, you might only earn a few dollars per month. Which, honestly, can be a little disheartening.

Therefore, if you have the patience, I recommend waiting until you have between 10,000 and 30,000 users per month and instead signing up for a premium ad network like Ezoic or Mediavine.

These ad networks only work with the best-paying advertisers, and thus, you can earn significantly more money.

The only difficulty is that premium ad networks only accept websites with a solid amount of traffic. So, until you have a decent audience, you won’t be eligible.

how to make money as a travel blogger | Be The Budget

4. Create/Sell An Online Travel Course

Many travel bloggers earn money by marketing their own online travel courses. Some ideas for online travel courses include: 

  • How to travel on a budget. 
  • Learn how to make money as a travel blogger! 
  • Travel and tourism courses. 

Equally, you don’t need to create a course that’s only specific to travel.

For instance, you might be a yoga instructor and can offer yoga classes on the move.

If you have a skill, people will be prepared to pay you to teach them. 

Seriously, the world of online courses can be extremely rewarding and can help to bring more traffic to your site. And the best part is, it is one of the more passive forms of income you can earn as a blogger. 

5. Write/Sell An Ebook

It’s truly never been easier than it is now to write and sell an eBook on a platform like Amazon KDP.

Therefore, if you have a unique idea or set of experiences you want to share with the world, write down your ideas and begin working on a book. 

You can hire freelancers on sites like Fiverr to help you with all sorts of things like editing, cover design, eBook formatting, and so on. Once your eBook is ready and published, you can then work with freelance marketers who will help get your book out in front of your desired audience. 

If you set aside the time to publish an eBook, you will be so surprised at how quickly it will come together.

And this is another great way to earn money while you sleep.

6. Blog Sponsorships/Sponsored Posts

A sponsored blog post is essentially when you get paid by a company to talk about a product or brand to your followers. In the travel niche, this might be a specific hotel, guesthouse, or a specific product or app that makes traveling easier. 

Potential sponsors are attracted to bloggers with an engaging presence across social media platforms.

Thus, to attract sponsors, you need to ensure your content is compelling and you’re constantly engaging with your audience. 

Alternatively, you could create a page on your site where you pitch for sponsors and share it widely.

While this might seem a little direct, it gives potential sponsors clear instructions of what to do if they want to collaborate with you. 

7. Start A YouTube Channel

Even if you’re a writer, you can make a ton of money as a travel blogger by creating and developing a YouTube channel.

You could document life on the road or maybe even show your followers what it takes to be a travel blogger with in-depth tutorials. 

You should think of YouTube as an additional string to your bow and create content that you know your followers want to see. 

Bear in mind that YouTube pays per view and engagement, so you will need to have a high-performing profile to start making decent money on the platform. 

8. Make Money Through Instagram

Instagram influencers can be found in every niche.

Therefore, if you’re adept at smartphone photography, you could showcase your talent on the Gram and make money as an influencer.

The most successful influencers create stunning feeds that are noteworthy for all the right reasons. 

As a travel blogger, it’s pretty straightforward to develop a stunning Instagram feed; you just have to share snaps of the places that you visit!

Just know that to become an influencer, you will have to grow your following and engage regularly. 

Brands will then begin to notice you, and if they like what you produce, they will be willing to pay you to promote their products and services on your profile.  

9. Promote Hotels And Resorts

When you’re on the road, you could approach hotels and resorts that you visit and offer to promote them on your blog. In some instances, they will offer you free accommodation in exchange for your post, but in other cases, they might also pay you a fee. 

However you get paid, this is a great way to pick up some money and save on expensive accommodation bills. 

In the early days of your blog, write positive reviews about your favorite places to stay without asking for anything in return. You can then use these as examples to share with future clients when your blog has a wider audience.  

10. Offer Travel Consulting

When you make a living as a travel blogger, you develop a high degree of expertise in traveling to and around specific parts of the world. 

For instance, you might be extremely knowledgeable about traveling off-the-beaten-track in rural Thailand. As such, you can offer your services as a tour guide or travel consultant to people that visit your favorite places. 

You can promote your services on your blog and offer guided tours, exciting trips, and other opportunities for people who want to travel the world. 

11. Partner With Travel Agencies

Although many travelers these days prefer planning their trips independently, there’s still a decent demand for the services of travel agents.

So, if you want to make money as a travel blogger, you could think about developing a reciprocal partnership with travel agents that operate in a specific area. 

For instance, you could direct clients to their services for a small commission or perhaps promote their services and customer experiences on your blog and social media platforms. 

You will also find that if you bring a decent amount of new business to travel agencies, you might even get discounts and free trips for yourself while you’re on the road! 

12. Sell Merchandise

One of the best ways to monetize your personal website is to create and sell branded merchandise.

You can put together a collection of t-shirts, hats, mugs, or pretty much anything you can think of to promote your brand. 

When you develop a cult following, people are keen to buy into your brand by purchasing your merchandise. What’s more, you don’t even need to handle the merchandise yourself. 

You can set up a dropshipping business for your online collection, which means you can make money by selling products from anywhere in the world. 

15 Proven Ways To Make Money As A Travel Blogger | Be The Budget

13. Teach English (Or Another Language) Online

Teaching English or working as a language tutor can be a great way to make money as a travel blogger. Sites like italki enable you to set up a profile and connect with people who are looking for an English tutor. 

You simply set your prices and availability, and you’re good to go.

As a language tutor, you don’t even need qualifications or previous experience as a teacher. 

However, a good way to increase your potential earnings is to complete a qualification like a TEFL and become an accredited English teacher.

These courses can normally be done online and don’t take a great deal of time.

It’s definitely worth it, as you can then charge a decent fee for your services as an online English teacher. 

14. Sell Your Photos

While you’re not going to become a millionaire by selling your photos to stock websites, it’s another excellent side hustle that adds to your income portfolio. 

Instead of just leaving your travel pictures on a hard drive or cloud, upload them to sites like Pexels or Shutterstock and earn money every time someone downloads them. 

Regardless of the money, it’s a good feeling to know that other people are making use of your images, and it’s a good way of getting your name out there. 

15. Rent Your Home While You’re Traveling

If you’re fortunate enough to be a homeowner, don’t just leave your property sitting empty while you’re traveling!

If you know you’re going to be away for a set period of time, say one month, you could market your home as a short-term rental on Airbnb. 

Alternatively, if you’re hitting the road for a longer period of time, consider approaching a real estate agent or property management company to put your house on the market as a long-term rental. 

Although you’ll have to pay fees, it’s much better to earn an income from your home when you’re not even in the country, as opposed to leaving it sitting empty and waiting for your return. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, travel blogging is so much more than just writing articles about the places that you visit.

In fact, writing is often just one component of the life of a travel blogger. And those that make a decent living from their blogs often have many more sources of income than just their website. 

Although you might not succeed with all the fifteen ideas we’ve presented here, feel free to get creative and try as many of them as you can. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and become a YouTube or Instagram sensation without really meaning to! 

However you do it, earning money as a travel blogger is an incredible way to make a living. So, all that’s left is to set up your blog, pack your bag, and hit the road. 

The world is waiting to hear all about your adventures!

Zach Buchenau

About The Author:

Zach Buchenau is a self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. When he isn't writing about budgeting, getting out of debt, making extra money, and living a frugal life, you can find him building furniture, fly fishing, or developing websites. He is the co-founder of BeTheBudget, and Chipotle's most loyal customer.

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