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CIT Bank

We've been account holders with CIT Bank for years--and don't have a single complaint. The reason we first opened a savings account with CIT is because their interest rates crush the national average. Additionally, their user-friendly website and mobile app make it easy for you to manage your finances anytime, anywhere. If you're looking for a great place to open a new savings account, CIT Bank is our top recommendation.

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Here at Be The Budget, we have tried all sorts of different budgeting apps, and EveryDollar is hands down our favorite.

First of all, it is a zero-based budgeting app, which is the only method for budgeting we recommend.

With this app, you can plan your finances down to the penny, which will help you stay laser-focused on your financial goals, and help you maintain incredible control of your financial life.

Plus, EveryDollar is incredibly simple to use, so there's almost no learning curve! (We can't say the same for other budgeting apps we have tried.) And the best part is, it's FREE!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get cash back on almost every purchase you make? Well, your dreams are about to come true, because that’s exactly what will happen if you start using Rakuten!

With Rakuten you can earn anywhere from 1% to 15% cashback on purchases you make from thousands of different stores. And while most of their cashback opportunities will come from purchases you make online, they do offer cashback for certain in-store purchases as well. 

To start using Rakuten, sign up for a free account online. Then, download and use the Rakuten Browser Extension so that you never miss a cashback opportunity.

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