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Welcome to Be The Budget, a personal finance blog about frugal living, saving money, earning more money, getting out of debt, and of course, budgeting! You in?

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Is Getting A Second Job Worth It? | Be The Budget Is A Second Job Worth It? (Benefits vs. Drawbacks)

Are you wondering if getting a second job is worth it? In this post we…

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Save Money Or Pay Off Debt? (Here's What We Did) | Be The Budget Save Money Or Pay Off Debt? (Here’s What We Did)

Are you wondering whether you should save money or pay off debt? Well, you aren’t…

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8 Painful Consequences Of Not Budgeting | Be The Budget 8 Painful Consequences Of Not Budgeting

Have you ever considered the consequences of not budgeting? If not, now is the time.…

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Passive Income vs active income (A Beginner's Guide) | Be The Budget Passive Income Vs. Active Income (A Beginner’s Guide)

No matter how you make an income, the money you make will fall into two…

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What does budgeting teach you? | Be The Budget What Does Budgeting Teach You? 5 Important Lessons

Over the last few years, I have learned -- and been taught -- a lot…

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Frugal And Happy: Tips To Enjoy Frugality | Be The Budget 7 Tips To Live Frugally and Happy

Are you wondering if it’s possible to live frugally and happy at the same time?…

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