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What is a sinking fund? Plus 12 examples | Be The Budget What Is A Sinking Fund? (Plus 12 Examples)

Whether you’re saving for a large purchase, a vacation, or unexpected life events, a sinking…

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How to start a business without money (or debt) | Be The Budget How To Start A Business With No Money (And No Debt)

Are you wondering if it's possible to start a business with no money and no…

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21 Side Hustles That Don't Require A Car | Be The Budget 21 Side Hustles That Don’t Require A Car

These days, there are all sorts of side hustles that don't require a car. Thanks…

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4 countercultural financial habits worth adopting | Be The Budget 4 Countercultural Financial Habits Worth Adopting

Of all the things I’ve learned in the world of personal finance, one of the…

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How To Stop Stress Shopping | Be The Budget How To Stop Stress Shopping: 7 Effective Tips

There’s no doubt about it, stress shopping can be incredibly harmful to your financial health.…

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Checking accounts: 10 common questions answered | Be The Budget Checking Accounts: 10 Common Questions Answered

Opening a checking account is a pretty straightforward process, as long as you're prepared. But…

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