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10 things to do with leftover budget money | Be The Budget 10 Things To Do With Leftover Budget Money

The harder you work to cut expenses and live a frugal lifestyle, the more likely…

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What does financially sound mean? Here's what you need to know | Be The Budget Financially Sound: Here’s What It Means (Plus 10 Tips)

The term financially sound is thrown around a lot these days. But in all honesty,…

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Can you use your HSA for dental expenses? | Be The Budget Can You Use Your HSA For Dental Expenses?

Within the last year and a half, my wife and I have had to change…

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Can you use a coupon the day it expires? | Be The Budget Can You Use A Coupon The Day It Expires?

Around here, couponing is a way of life. Whether we’re shopping for groceries, clothes, or…

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How Often Should You Invest? | Be The Budget How Often Should You Invest? (A Quick Reference Guide)

If you are just stepping into investing, you need to understand that it is a…

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How big of a check can you write? Is there a limit? | Be The Budget How Big Of A Check Can You Write? Is There a Limit?

When you live a debt free lifestyle like we do, there comes a point in…

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