Make Extra Money – Series Intro

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Sometimes, A Little Extra Money Can Make Life A Lot Easier

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just need a little extra cash in your pocket.

This statement was never more meaningful than when Katie and I were first dating.

Bowling? Dinner? Filling up my gas tank before AND after a trip to the mountains? It adds up. And despite her constant offers, I never let her pay.

I did, however, live on the cereal and Mac N’ Cheese diet when she wasn’t around.

And I’m not talking about the expensive, “make you feel like your eating healthy” cereal, or the creamy shells and cheese. I’m talking Cocoa Pebbles and Kraft.

The point is, even a little extra money, can make life a lot easier.

Whether you’re paying for an extra tank of gas, or your future wife’s dinner, sometimes budget cuts are not the best solution.

Sometimes, you just need to earn baby, earn!

Make Extra Money – Series Intro

This is an introduction post for an ongoing series we’re calling: “how to make extra money.” Clever, right?

These suggestions will be short and quick hitting. After all, we want you to make extra money, not spend hours reading blog posts.

You will enjoy these posts if:

  • The idea of having extra money makes you happy.
  • The sound of a bank register opening to accept all the $100 bills your depositing makes you happy.

You will not enjoy these posts if:

  • You responded to the previous 2 sentences with, “Money can’t make you happy.” And to you, I would say, “You’re right. But, you know what does make me happy? Chipotle Burritos. And in order to eat more of them, I need extra money.”

So, stay tuned for future “How To Make Extra Money” posts. This series will never end. Unless of course, I think of all the different ways to make extra money. In which case, it would end.

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You never know, maybe one day Chipotle will provide a discount to all BeTheBudget subscribers. Then again, maybe they won’t. But, are you really willing to take that risk? Something to consider.

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