Make Extra Money – Odd Jobs

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Need an extra $200 bucks this month? Odd jobs might be the quickest way to earn it.

When you were a kid this meant going door to door, asking neighbors if you could rake leaves or shovel snow. But as an adult, it is a lot easier.

Cue social media. Let your facebook followers know that you are looking for odd jobs to make a little extra cash. And be sure to include your hourly rate.

Then, don’t be picky. Just say yes.

Yes, I will come spend 8 hours helping you stain your deck on Saturday.

Yes, I will come help you move office furniture tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, I will walk your dog every morning before work this month.

No, I will not feed live mice to your rattlesnake while you’re on vacation. That is a wildly unreasonable request. Unfriend.

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