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10 key benefits of buying a smaller home | Be The Budget 10 Benefits Of Buying A Smaller (Less Expensive) Home

From first-time homebuyers to empty-nesters looking to downsize, buying a smaller home is well-worth the…

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7 daily money habits to achieve financial freedom | Be The Budget 7 Daily Money Habits To Achieve Financial Freedom

Your daily money habits are the key to improving your financial future. Not only can…

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7 smart things to do with $10,000 | Be The Budget 7 Smart Things To Do With $10,000

Wondering what to do with $10,000? If you’re not used to having a large pile…

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How to pay for a wedding in cash | Be The Budget How To Pay For A Wedding In Cash: 7 Effective Tips

If you're on a tight budget, worrying about how to pay for a wedding can…

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15 realistic ways to make $100 today | Be The Budget 15 Realistic Ways To Make $100 (Or More) Today

Are you looking for a few realistic ways to make $100 today? We’ve got you…

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Should I downsize to save money? | Be The Budget Should I Downsize My Home To Save Money?

Housing is likely the largest expense in your monthly budget. If you are looking to…

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