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What is a spending trigger, and how to overcome them | Be The Budget What Is A Spending Trigger?

If you want to save or invest more money, one of the most important things…

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7 ways to get better at saving money | Be The Budget 7 Ways To Get Better At Saving Money

Whether you struggle to save any money at all, or you just want to increase…

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How to save money on flights | Be The Budget 10 Best Ways To Save Money On Flights

Whether you are planning the next family vacation, spontaneously jet-setting across the country, or just…

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Do travel agents save you money? | Be The Budget Do Travel Agents Save You Money?

With all of today’s options for booking hotels, flights, and activities while you’re on vacation,…

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7 Reasons Why an Emergency Fund Is Important | Be The Budget Why Is An Emergency Fund Important? 7 Key Reasons

If you want to improve your financial situation, one of the foundational, and most important…

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5 steps to start an emergency fund | Be The Budget 5 Steps To Start An Emergency Fund

As just about every financial expert will tell you, if you’re looking for ways to…

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