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7 things to do after saving an emergency fund | Be The Budget 7 Things To Do After Saving An Emergency Fund

As important as it is, saving an emergency fund can be a long and challenging…

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Causes of overspending | Be The Budget 7 Causes Of Overspending (And How To Conquer Them)

If left unchecked, overspending is one of the fastest ways to end up in a…

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10 Ways To Stop Dipping Into Savings | Be The Budget 10 Ways To Stop Dipping Into Your Savings Account

Do you want to learn how to stop dipping into your savings account? Well, you’re…

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Can I lock my savings account? | Be The Budget Can You Lock A Savings Account?

When it comes to personal finance, learning to let your money sit, untouched, in your…

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10 Best Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

If you’re looking to lower your monthly expenses, one of the best steps you can…

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Is $10K a lot of money? | Be The Budget Is $10,000 A Lot Of Money? Or To Have Saved?

As I look back over my financial journey, one of the early, and most memorable…

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