What is the purpose of budgeting? Top 10 benefits | Be The Budget What Is The Purpose Of A Budget? (Top 10 Benefits)

When it comes to personal finance, you’ve probably heard, or been told that you need…

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Money fights in marriage: how to stop arguing about money | Be The Budget Money Fights In Marriage (5 Radical Steps To Stop Arguing)

Money is a personal -- and often sensitive -- issue for just about every person…

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10 reasons you should track your expenses | Be The Budget 10 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Expenses

Do you track your expenses on a daily basis? For many people, the idea of…

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Financial implications: what does it mean? | Be The Budget What Does Financial Implications Mean?

If you’ve ever had a discussion with a financial advisor, you’ve probably heard the phrase…

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What is impulse spending? Plus 10 simple tips to control it. | Be The Budget What Is Impulse Spending? (Plus 10 Easy Tips To Control It)

Have you ever made an impromptu purchase without regard to the impact it might have…

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10 practical tips for buying a high-mileage car | Be The Budget Buying A High-Mileage Car: 10 Practical Tips

There are a number of things you should consider when buying a high-mileage car. From…

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